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Update. Lots of activity going on behind the scenes!

Updated: Aug 22, 2019


Here's a little update, and also thank you to those that registered interest after the last newsletter and blog post. 

As you can imagine there is quite a lot to plan and organise with a new business such as LOUPE, and even though things might seem a little quiet in the foreground, there is plenty of noise and activity going on in the background. So things are still progressing nicely, even if a little slower than anticipated. As a result it is likely LOUPE will open later in the year than planned. It's still a bit hazy when that will be, but I'll be sure to keep you updated.

Without giving too much away, some of the plans look a bit like this:

The complete re-fit of the premises will take place in two phases over 2-3 months:  

Phase one:

Jewellery workshop refit. When complete, everyone who has registered interest will be the first to be invited to view it, and sign up in advance to secure their place if they like what they see. So if you haven't registered yet then please do via the website link!

Phase two:

Re-fit of the retail space. A simple, beautiful, unpretentious and utilitarian space has been designed which is an inviting and relaxing environment, perfect for potential buyers to brows and purchase jewellery. A unique space that I think, as creatives, you will love to be part of!

I will continue to updated you via email newsletter (If you've registered your interest) and I will also post updates on the website and facebook page.  So stay tuned! 

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