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Don't ever give up! We didn't see this coming did we?

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Wow! What was that in my last post about delays and things being out of our control??

There are many things more important in life than Jewellery.  Toilet paper, maybe, family and friends.

As I sit alone in my living room / come office / come yoga studio, drinking bucket loads of water and fighting the urge to look at the news and Facebook hilarities about lack of loo roll and such like, I wanted to send you all a large virtual hug from a six-foot distance, wrapped in biodegradable clingfilm.

I'm not going to deny it; as a small business I’m pressing down on the anxiety of what might lay ahead, almost as hard as Boris is attempting to press down on that curve! After all Jewellery sit’s a long way below hand-gel in our clients shopping lists.

However, this won’t be forever and as we see many events being reassuringly rescheduled to future dates, I feel optimistic that we will all come out the other side better people as we reconnect with ourselves, the simple things in life, and what’s important.

So, I am marching on with Loupe! I'm not sure if it's just because I'm bloody stubborn, or because I really believe in what I hope to achieve with Loupe.

Brexit hasn’t stopped me.  Overrunning (by a year) council renovation works and a shit-load of scaffolding hasn’t stopped me.  Electric being cut off and a broken electric shutter hasn’t stopped me. Adapting to the council’s painfully slow pace of doing things hasn’t stopped me.  And the Coronavirus will most definitely not stop me!  

Frustratingly after 14 months of not being able to access the premises - due to electric shutter and no electric, and the councils speed (or lack of) in getting said electric switched back on - I was finally able to enter the premises again last Thursday… Hurrah! Yippeee! I heard myself cry…

And then those pesky breaks were put back on.

Creative minds coming together in a crisis!

Soooo where does that leave things? For me it means more flipping Loupe delays, but I’m pretty accustomed to that now, but for us, the Loupe artisan community, it just means we get to know each other sooner!

One of the things Loupe is about is bringing communities together and enhancing lives though creativity.  This of course can also be done online. So, there are 58 of us in the Loupe artisan community at the moment and I thought it would be really valuable for our sanity to have some online social interactions in the form of Ask the Expert Coffee Catchup’s.

These will be free 30 – 40 minute group video chats (via zoom) where I invite a jewellery specialist to answer any of your questions.

I’ve only just got my head around Zoom, but at the moment I have enlisted mounter Justin Wilson and polisher and plater Reggie Elliot of Elliot Fitzpatrick and I envisage these will be a few times a week at time to be decided.

What do you think?  Good idea?

Let me know, and if I receive a positive response, I’ll ask a few other experts to join in. And please feel free to make suggestions!

Zoom is a free download and easy to use so you don’t need to be a tech expert.  I’ll explain more when we’re at that stage.

New Logo

I can now share with you the new logo!  Whoohooooo! (We must celebrate the small achievements as well as the big ones). I hope you like it. This was created by a client who offered his services free of charge.  And I have to say that throughout this 2-year journey with Loupe I am humbled by the amount of support and help I have received by selfless people only too willing to give up their time. These are the people who will make all the difference to Loupe and its success, and I will be forever grateful.

Instagram and Facebook

Please like and follow these. I may run live events on Facebook (more technology to get my head around) there aren't any posts on Instagram yet, but with so much time at home hopefully that will change! It might be nice to feature a piece of work from you all to begin with.


At a time when we have seen billionaires like Richard Branson hold their hands out to the government for help whilst asking their employees (the very ones that have built their empire) to take unpaid leave, I think now is a really poignant time for people to reflect and see the value in supporting small business though this crisis.  

We all put our heart and soul into everything we do, we don’t make huge profits, we stay true to ourselves, we believe in what we do, and we value the people we work with and our customers.  More and more people will become aware of this, so hang on in there, it’s not forever and we will all pull through.

Look forward to hearing from you, and stay safe.


PS The image above has been on my wall for years, and it still makes me chuckle.

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